Tour of Duty


Storm Fronts: part one in the Storm Cycle Trilogy

Storm Warning: part two in the Storm Cycle Trilogy

Storm Breaking: part three in the Storm Cycle Trilogy

Disillusioned: missing scene for Under Siege

The Discovery: Christmas Eve at Firebase Ladybird 1967

Remember: Christmas Eve at Camp Barnett 1968

Pieces: Christmas Day at Camp Barnett 1968

Still Waters: missing scene from Nightmare

Impressions: Brewster meets Goldman and Anderson for the first time.
Alone: Myron realizes he's been in Vietnam for a year. 

Tempest: missing scene from A Bodyguard of Lies

Illusions in Green

Choices: missing scene from The Road to Long Binh

Medic: A look through Myron's eyes at Doc Hock under fire.

Destroyed: The Moments Between series

The Edge: The Moments Between series

Aftermath: The Moments Between series

Reparations: The Moments Between series

Regrets: The Moments Between series

Almost: The Moments Between series

Perspective: Johnny talks to Myron about Alex


Fragments: A collection of images

Crowded: missing scene from War is a Contact Sport
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